Naughty Happy Birthday Message

A room filled with only you and me is the best room in the whole universe. What do you think? Happy Birthday, love.

Right after you came, everything just became hotter. Hmm…should we make your celebrated day even hotter? Birthday wishes to the hottest man alive!

What do you get when you mix beauty and hotness, and then combine the two with a sexy personality? Well, YOU. Happy birthday.

The surprise doesn’t end after the party. When your friends have left, and the house has become silent, we’d go on with the wildest part of your party—with just the two of us. Happy Birthday, darling.

I got you two birthday gifts, one of which I am giving you right now. And as a second gift, I bought myself hot lingerie to give you a hot treat later at night. Hope you like it. Happy birthday, dear.

I couldn't think of a better partner than you, in and outside the bedroom. On your birthday too, we will be having a wild celebration, in and outside the bedroom – and I can't wait! Let the party begin. Wishing you a very happy and steamy birthday, sweetheart.

How about you give two birthday parties this year? One for all your friends. And the second one just for me. We can both pretend to be birthday cakes and devour each other from head to toe. Happy birthday, darling.

On your birthday today let's do something that will be our naughtiest memory ever! Let's indulge in a hot rendezvous that we both will remember for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Don't even bother wearing good clothes today because I am going to rip them apart later anyway. I can't wait to see you in your birthday suit. Happy birthday, you sexy thing.

I am going to give you birthday bumps today. And by that, I mean scratches and bite marks all over your body. I love you, Happy birthday honey.

I got you two gifts. One is under your bed and one I will be wearing tonight. Can’t wait to see you. Get back form work. I’m dying here already!

Birthday girl turning 25. Damn you still look 18 hottie!

I’m going Commando tonight.  Happy birthday Smartie!

Let me tell you this straight. I want you NOW! Happy birthday. PS: You can wrap me today!

Let’s make it a night to remember honey. After all you turn 30 only once. Can’t wait to get my hands on you!

How about you and play some Loveopoly tonight. No strings attached. Anything goes. Only for your my princess. Happy birthday!

You real birthday starts once the guests leave. By the way, new lingerie for you in the closet.  Happy birthday love.

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