You're a brilliant, shining star, Grandson! I'm so glad you’re in my universe. Happy birthday!
What can I say about a grandson that’s so handsome, funny, kind and smart. Hey, wait…I just said it! Happy birthday!
Having you as a grandson is a gift from the BIG GUY upstairs. And I'm not talking about your father. Your birth is truly a blessing! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my dearest grandson! Today is a special day and I wish you a lot of joy! May all of your wildest dreams come true!

I still remember the days you were our little grandson, the boy who runs around the house, breaking everything in sight, you were one happy kid! We love you honey! Happy birthday!

All we wanted to say is happy birthday! We hope you won’t forget us, even if you’re getting older, we still hope you will come visit, and we still hope you will be our little grandson forever! Happy birthday!

Doggie see, doggie do, I have a grandson, that's super cool. Doggie see, doggie do, you are that wonderful grandson and I Love You! Happy Birthday!

I don't hug you enough, so I decided to include one with this card. Of course, there are plenty more available whenever you want or need them! Happy Birthday!

You are the champion! You are the world's greatest! You are MY GRANDSON!! I'm so proud to call you that! Happy Birthday!

What can I say about a great-grandson that is handsome, hilarious, special, and just a fantastic young guy…Hey, wait…I just said it! Happy Birthday!

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