Cute Birthday Wishes

No birthday cake could be as sweet as you. You deserve the best birthday ever, and I wish you many more to come.

I wish I could capture the sun to light your paths and make all of your wishes come true. For now, I will have to be content with wishing you a happy birthday!

Someday there will barely be enough room on the cake for all of your birthday candles. When that happens, know that I will still want to be there by your side.

If I were there, I would offer you a huge birthday cake with icing, and I would make sure you had the biggest slice.

I promise not to tell anyone how old you are this year. Since we grew up together, doing that would give away my age, too.

You look different. Did you lose some weight? Did you change your hairstyle? Did you get a haircut? There is something different about you. Oh, I know. You are one year older!

For your birthday, I have been thinking of something grandiose, superb, and impressing. But anyway, I do not cost anything to think, right?

I would wish you, “May all your dreams come true,” but I am afraid that, if they do come true, I will have nothing to wish you next year.

Roses may be red and violets blue, but you put all the colors in the rainbow to shame. Happy birthday to the brightest, best person I know!

To a dear friend- thanks for always being there for me through the thick and the thin. You’re truly the best. Happy birthday to you!

I know your birthday is a special day with or without me, but I have to say that you are the best friend I’ve ever had! Happy Birthday.

A birthday is a time for celebration- it’s a time to celebrate the life of someone special. Here’s to you getting love, joy, and happiness on your special day. Happy Birthday.

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