Clients and Customers

Happy Birthday to the most extraordinary and unique client! May your brightest wishes shine every path of yours!

Wishing you the very best as you celebrate your big day. Happy Birthday to you from all of us!

Light four candles on your special day: one for happiness, one for peace, one for prosperity and one for good luck. May you always be happy and healthy!

Do not use the same birthday card template for everyone. Identical cards for every one may lessen the importance and emotional value of one's birthday.

With that said, try to find out some unique birthday card styles.

Always know and use the client or customer's name(s) in the message. Addressing them by their first name will create the illusion of intimacy.

Keep the quote simple and to the point. Overly flowery language is not required and may seem insincere.

Humor can be used to make your wishes interesting. But, be careful and don't cross any lines. Vulgar jokes are unprofessional and not expected from reputed business owners.

For my love of many years One who’s shared lots of tears We know each other’s fears In my life, you’re the one who steers But on this special day, we celebrate many cheers

Today is your birthday It’s time to party We’re celebrating you For all that you do With hugs and kisses Only today, we’ll do the dishes.

Happy birthday from your friendly insurance team. We are here, in the background, cheering your birthday and hoping for many returns for you.

As you reflect on the past year, take a moment consider your needs going into the future. Let me know how I can help with any change in your financial security needs. Happy birthday.

The years come and go, but our handshake is still firm. I’m so glad you are my friend and client and I wish you the very best on your birthday.

On this, your special day, take a minute to think about your family’s future. Let me know if anything has changed, or if you’d like to talk about life insurance for other members of your family. Have a great birthday.

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